5 Locals Features You May Not Know About

5 Locals Features You May Not Know About

At Locals, we are always looking for ways to optimize your experience and to help you grow and give value to your supporters. Sometimes we launch a new big feature, other times it may be a small improvement or functionality. To make sure you truly get the most out of your community, we have put together five features you may not know about. 



The tip jar is a fun way to increase engagement within your community. Enabling it allows you and your supporters to give thanks and show appreciation for each other’s posts. When turned on, any supporter who uploads a post can decide if they want to add the tip jar to receive tips. 

The coins you receive from the tipping go directly into your Locals wallet. Your supporters can use the coins to tip other posts or to become a paying supporter of another community. 

Locals community tipping

Go to your admin panel -> Payment setup -> community tipping to enable tipping 


Live Chat

Starting a live chat is a way to communicate with your supporters directly. It’s a great tool to increase engagement, get feedback, and answer supporter questions in real-time. 

You can pick a time in advance and let your supporters know, or try it on the fly. It’s best to start a live chat on a new post so people get notified when it’s happening. Live chats are great posts to share on other platforms to excite people to join your community.   

How to start a live chat.



Maybe that 10-minute rant last week doesn’t quite fit in with your regularly scheduled show.  Group different styles of content together by creating playlists so your fans can more easily browse through your videos. 

Locals content playlist



Adding custom thumbnails to your videos is another way to manage your content and make it look good! By default, the thumbnail will be the first frame of your video, but if you want to up your game and make it look like your brand, a custom thumbnail is the way to go.  

Setting a thumbnail is simple. Go to your admin panel -> Uploads -> click on the pencil next to your video -> upload custom thumbnail.

In addition to your videos, thumbnails can also be added to your playlists. If you want to add a thumbnail to your playlists, click the 3 dots on the top right of the playlist to edit it and add a thumbnail.


Churn Management 

Last but not least, did you know that we also have a Churn Management feature? You can view it under your Stripe set-up. For anyone that cancels their subscription, we will automatically send out a unique, non-transferable promo code for 1 free month to get back that supporter.  

Hope you learned something about everything that Locals has to offer. Keep creating content and we will take care of the rest!