Be Your Own Publisher: For Everything

Be Your Own Publisher: For Everything

Social media platforms typically focus on one main type of content. Locals allows you to host a wide range of content in one place and build a community around it. 

Here are the types of content you can publish to your community on Locals. 



In the past couple of years we have seen a spike in video content across social media and increasing challenges for video creators. On Locals you can easily host and monetize your videos without fighting the algorithm or fear of being censored. 

Uploading your video content is easy and can either be done from the mobile app or the desktop version. There are multiple reasons to host your videos on Locals:

  • We don’t moderate for misinformation  – or the ever growing list of community guidelines on other social media platforms – so you are freer to say what you want*
  • No algorithms so your followers won’t miss your content
  • No ads interrupting you
  • You can download your videos at any time from your admin panel
  • Manage and organize your content with playlists and thumbnails 


“Locals is a great solution for me because until I came here I was trying to piece together content from different platforms on the internet, but Locals acts as a catch-all site, almost like my own personal website but maintained by other, smarter people than I am.” –  Kira Davis


Audio Content/Podcasts

In addition to hosting video content, Locals is a great place to upload your podcasts. The advantage of uploading your audio files to your community is that your community can immediately interact with your content. How did they like your podcast? What are some things they would love to hear you talk about in your next episode? Ask questions and encourage them to share their thoughts on your podcast to spark conversations and increase engagement within the community. 

Plus, the app works great for podcasts – you can close the app and the audio keeps playing in the background like other podcast apps. 



Pictures are great to get a bit more personal and show your authenticity. Your supporters feel special when they get to know the person behind the brand. What did you have for dinner? Did you go for a walk with your dog on the weekend? Locals is the spot to share it! Your Locals community would love to get to know you (and even your pets) better!


Written Messages

Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, ideas and opinion without a filter. Share your thoughts in short-form tweets or longer, blog-style analyses. Get the conversation going, ask questions! You can even do a poll. Polls can be created on the desktop version and are the best tool to receive input and increase engagement.


Locals allows you to upload a variety of content, so make sure to have fun! The most unique thing about your community is that your supporters can share content too. Mix it up so each person can chime in on what calls to them.