Be Your Own Publisher: For Everything

Be Your Own Publisher: For Everything

Unlike other media platforms which focus on one main type of media content, Locals allows you to publish what you want, how you want – and organize that content all in one place for a supportive community invested in you. 

“Locals is a great solution for me because until I came here I was trying to piece together content from different platforms on the internet, but Locals acts as a catch-all site, almost like my own personal website but maintained by other, smarter people than I am.” –  Kira Davis

Videos: Daily Shorts and Exclusive Content

Want to show exactly what you’re seeing and experiencing at a point in time? Video can be a great medium to give your supporters instant visuals and the feeling they are right there with you. Videos can even be organized into playlists for easy access later. 

  1. Daily Shorts – Lots of creators think they need polished content and long videos for supporter engagement. We’ve found that some of the most popular content is often short videos of daily updates: a quick video on making your favorite morning smoothie, showing off your new puppy or even the airport lines you’re navigating traveling to that next big thing. (Image for example only)
  2. Exclusive Content – Many top creators use footage shared on other platforms to create an exclusive experience for their Locals supporters. Have a portion of another video that can’t be shared on other platforms? Using that footage, you can quickly add content in Locals that can’t be accessed anywhere else and won’t be banned.

Text and Image: Verbalize Your Inspiration and Thoughts Easily

Want to write out a quick rant or more thoughtful treatment of something on your mind? We got you covered with text posts that support images. 

Posts don’t have to be long or have an editor to encourage engagement. Posting a quote you like with a photo of a hike you did gives inspiration to your followers to get the ball rolling in the community and allows them to comment or share similar content to your supporters. Rather than sifting through meaningless user comments, community text posts allow you to ask your supporters directly how they feel about certain issues, what they want to hear more about and how they are doing.

Audio and Podcasts: Better User Experience and Feedback

Want to share an interview you did or an audio commentary on an issue? Our mobile app allows users to continue playback after closing the app and they can comment immediately on the work you do. Getting feedback directly from those who have an investment in your work allows for better content creation. And like with videos, podcasts and audio can be organized into playlists as well. 

The Locals Publishing Promise: 

  • You make rules for your own moderation within our general terms (link to terms here)
  • You own your content 
  • No algorithms so your followers won’t miss your content
  • No ads interrupting you