Boost Your Conversion With Articles

Boost Your Conversion With Articles

Articles are a fantastic way to monetize your writing and convert members into supporters. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Locals’ new Articles feature.

Create a Title Wave
When you publish an article, the title will be the subject line of the email sent to your community. You need a title that will capture your member’s attention, whether for an article or your next live stream. To make the title interesting, attention-grabbing, and easy to read, use words that create a positive impression and perk the curiosity of your members.  

Utilize the Supporter-Only Lock
Another great way to convert more members into supporters is by teasing your article and making it exclusive part-way through. It’s up to you to decide what content will be free and what will be exclusive. Having a mix of free and locked content within a single article is important to give value to those supporting you and to help you convert members into supporters. The supporter-only lock ​​is a divider you put if you want to make the latter portion of your article accessible to supporters only. It should only be used once and can also be used at the beginning of an article to make the entire article for supporters.

Supporter only in editor

Supporter only in view mode for free members

Call to Action
The “become a supporter” button (located in the articles toolbar) can be placed throughout your article to prompt members to become supporters.  This is a great tool to use throughout nonexclusive articles to remind your free members to become supporters. 

Spread the Word
Market your articles outside Locals, and spike interest in potential supporters who are not yet members by sharing on social media. When you share a link from Locals to non-members, they will see a special page that previews the article and some of the content posted within your community. From the same page, they can Sign Up or Log in to engage with the post further. 

For more information on publishing Articles, click here.