Sell Movies, Specials, or Anything On-Demand on Locals

Sell Movies, Specials, or Anything On-Demand on Locals

After successfully releasing several films on Locals, we are excited to announce that Content+ is now available to all communities!

“On Locals, I was able to distribute my movie independently, without the control of Big-Tech or legacy media networks,” said Dinesh D’Souza, filmmaker and content creator. “The results proved that selling movies on Locals is a gamechanger. This is the future for independent creators.” 

Content+ is a new feature that allows creators to monetize movies, specials, or other on-demand video content. Soon, we’ll expand beyond video to audio podcasts and PDFs under Content+.  

“Supporting creative independence is core to our values. We are excited to offer creators a new way to monetize their content. Now creators can start their own separate line of on-demand content,” said Assaf Lev, Locals CEO. 

Content+ builds an entirely new revenue stream, and it can be used to add value to paying supporters. Creators can choose to offer Content+ as a stand-alone purchase or include it as a perk to annual subscribers. 

The community provides a unique opportunity to keep the conversation going. Supporters can share their thoughts and exchange ideas. Creators can carry on the discussion through hosting exclusive live streams on Locals. 

Lev adds, “After watching a movie or special, the first thing people want to do is talk about it.  The Locals community  provides the immediate place for that discussion, and the community becomes more enticing for others to join.” 

For more detailed instructions on how to set up Content+, check out  How to Create a Content+ Post.