Celebrate Your Success: Introducing Diamond Badges!

Celebrate Your Success: Introducing Diamond Badges!

It’s time to celebrate your annual supporters’ unwavering loyalty and commitment. The Diamond Badge is an exclusive recognition created especially for supporters who have subscribed to your community for over 12 consecutive months. It serves as a symbol of appreciation and distinguishes the most loyal supporters from the crowd. 

How Can Your Supporters Earn a Diamond Badge?

Your supporter’s journey to the Diamond Badge begins with their first annual renewal payment. After completing a full year of consecutive subscriptions, their dedication will be rewarded with this shiny badge. For monthly supporters, the Diamond Badge will be theirs after the 13th monthly charge. Please note that trial months will not be counted toward the required subscription period.


Why Diamond Badges Matter:

The Diamond Badge represents more than just a digital emblem; it signifies a deep-rooted connection between your community and valued supporters. A year goes by in a blink of an eye. Before you know it, the diamond badge will appear on the user’s community profile, on posts and comments, and in the live chat. By displaying this badge proudly, supporters inspire others to join thriving communities and experience the benefits of long-term engagement. Celebrate those in your community with this badge, knowing that it represents your appreciation for their support. 

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