Real Freedom with LiveStream Connect

Real Freedom with LiveStream Connect

LiveStream Connect is the newest game-changing feature released on the Locals platform, giving creators the freedom to live stream whenever they want, wherever they are, while giving users ultimate flexibility to view and interact with live content on the go or at home.

Why it’s Different: Custom Built to Say What you Want

“Live streaming on Locals is the only time I feel uncensored. It’s the only platform I use that won’t kick me off for choosing a wrong word.” – Scott Adams

Custom built on the Locals platform, our streaming service continues Local’s promise to support free creative expression without arbitrary cancellations. Being able to quickly have exclusive content and not have to self-censor makes LiveStream Connect the easiest way to engage with your supporters immediately and intimately. A couple clicks and you’re on your way to share a parade in Nashville, talk about the latest issue you’ve been thinking about or just have an on-the-fly Q&A with your community – the possibilities to make exclusive content have never been easier. And as always, say what you want without fear: but now say it (or sing it) live!

ZDoggMD Improv Live Karaoke

How it’s Powerful: Authenticity = Stronger Communities

At Locals, we hear about the desire for community involvement and connection a lot. We built LiveStream Connect to encourage real engagement between creators and users alike. For creators, LiveStream Connect is seamlessly integrated with live chat, making it easy to share what is going on visually while simultaneously allowing real time communication with community members and viewers. And with a simple interface incorporating live chat on both mobile and web, users can easily interact in an established community already full of active and known members around live conversations they care about. The secret sauce for community satisfaction and meaningful impact? Live content + authentic community interaction = more meaningful experiences that matter to the people who support it financially. LiveStream Connect coupled with the power of Locals communities truly offers an intimacy and engagement unavailable on any other platform.

Push Notifications Let you Know When Your Favorite Creators are Live

What it Gives: Real Creative and Financial Freedom

LiveStream Connect supports not just creative independence but financial independence through new revenue streams available to creators built into the platform itself. LiveStream Connect allows one-time paid live stream access for those curious about a conversation without having to purchase a full monthly subscription for supporter-only streams. And similar to other live stream services, LiveStream Connect offers live tipping for real time support and to highlight a user’s questions and comments during a live stream.

The Locals Approach: Pushing Boundaries, Empowering Individuals

Simply put, LiveStream Connect is a 360 degree solution for creators to connect with their audience, monetize live content and offer a more intimate engagement with their communities.

Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals, concurs: “Locals is about empowering individuals. LiveStream Connect is part of our continuing commitment to build the tools that support full creative independence for our creators. We want creators to have more control, more ownership and more ways to connect authentically with their audiences.”

LiveStream Connect is now available for all communities! For more information on how creators can use LiveStream Connect, please click here.