Feature Update: Level Up Your Live Stream

Feature Update: Level Up Your Live Stream

At Locals, we are always striving to improve our platform and continue to add features that help creators succeed. Since launching Live Stream Connect, we have been closely observing how creators have utilized it.

“We keep listening and learning from our creators, and keep building based on creator needs and ideals.” – Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals

Live streams have the power to create a deeper connection between the creator and their supporters. 

As a creator, you might not always be sure if you want a live stream to be visible to all members or only for supporters. On the one hand, you’d like to attract a larger audience by making it visible to everyone. On the other hand, you want to give value to your supporters and entice members into subscribing. Now, you no longer have to choose! 

Our latest update for live streams lets you start a live stream for free and – with one easy click – you can magically transition that same stream into one that will be for supporters only.  In one piece of content, you can talk about the topics you want for everyone and save something juicy for the end, to show supporters that extra love as a reward for their support. 

Here’s how it works. Once you toggle on the “Only for Supporters” button, the clock starts ticking. You can give your members a heads up and they’ll be prompted to subscribe in order to keep viewing the live stream.

Supporter-only toggle

With one click, you turned your free-for-everyone livestream into exclusive supporter only content.  Once the 60-second countdown ends, the stream will seamlessly continue, locking out any free members but with no disruption or change for supporters. Free members will see a call to action to become a supporter.

You can even get conversions after you end the stream and the replay is available! Free members will be able to view the free portion of the live stream as a preview and will still be prompted to support if they want to watch the entire replay. This means that free members that missed the live broadcast can still be converted into supporters later on!

Take advantage of this new live stream feature, because it’s a quick and easy way of increasing your supporters! Locals was built to allow you to focus on creating content, and for us to take care of the rest. Live streaming is a great way to engage with your audience and now, it allows you to appeal to your free members and create value for your supporters. No editing required.  How’s that for easy?

Stay tuned, as this is just the latest addition in an ongoing series of improvements, because we are committed to your continued success on Locals. 

For more information and detailed instructions on how to use mid-stream supporter only flow, refer to this help article: Mid-Stream Supporter Only Feature