Glenn Greenwald Begins Publishing Articles Exclusively on Locals

Glenn Greenwald Begins Publishing Articles Exclusively on Locals

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Independent Writer Moves to Newly Released Articles Feature on Locals.

Glenn Greenwald, who writes one of the five most-read newsletters on Substack, will now publish his long-form written journalism and bonus video content on Locals. In addition, Greenwald recently launched a new show, “System Update,” exclusive to Rumble, streaming daily at 7 p.m. ET.

“I am excited to move my long-form writing exclusively to Locals,” said Greenwald. “Locals and Rumble will be the new home for my journalism, and I look forward to the continued growth of my audience on their platforms as they fight to maintain independence for journalists and other content creators.”

Locals recently announced its new feature that enables content creators to publish written articles on the platform. Locals have established itself as a subscription service for video content creators through its video hosting and live streaming offering. The addition of articles allows content creators to capture their full library of work on the platform.

“We build everything at Locals with creators in mind,” said Assaf Lev, President of Locals. “More creators are using a variety of media for their work, and we want Locals to be a full-stack solution for journalists and commentators like Glenn who have written and now, video content.”

Following each live show on Rumble, Glenn hosts a live Q&A in his Locals community to engage with his audience.

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