Harnessing the Power of Social Media with Locals Share

Harnessing the Power of Social Media with Locals Share

“Locals Share metrics are amazing – I can see exactly which posts are bringing subscribers to my community so I can do more of what works best.” – Robert Barnes

Locals is known for its unique model of subscriber-based content and interaction, vastly decreasing the number of bad actors on the platform and ensuring that a creator’s work targets an engaged and supportive audience. However, as a semi-closed platform, being able to share content intelligently, not just easily and quickly, is key to harnessing the power of your social media network to grow your subscriber base. Enter Locals Share.

Locals Share: A Built-In Marking Tool to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

Locals Share allows creators to easily share their video, podcast and written content to other popular feeds while providing robust data tracking of user views and paid support that comes from every shared post. It’s like your own marketing tool for understanding network impact built seamlessly into what you already do every day: share your work across multiple platforms.

How it Works: One Simple Click to Revenue Growth

Locals Share uses the Share button available on every Locals post. You are able to effortlessly share your Locals content to popular feeds like Twitter and Facebook. When a visitor clicks on a shared post they are directed to an external Share Page on Locals, where they can view the post, see additional free video and content from your community and quickly become a member if they are not already a part of the Locals network. Unique user views and converted supporter data are immediately available in our exclusive Locals admin panel to review after a post has been shared.

CEO of Locals, Assaf Lev, explains “By leveraging reach on social media platforms that usually only cannibalize a creator’s content, Locals Share allows a creator to monetize that content with one simple click. Creators that utilize this feature have shown phenomenal growth in community and subscriber numbers. Empowering creators to be independent isn’t just a mantra but built into the Locals product itself.”

Seamless Sharing on Mobile

In a nutshell: Sharing your content allows followers to preview your free content before pulling the trigger on a free membership or a paid subscription. More content = More interest = More opportunities for paid conversion. And because share revenue per post is clear, you can make smarter network interaction choices, markedly increasing your community and revenue growth by simply noting what works and what doesn’t.

What it Gives: All the Data You Need

So what data do you actually get using Locals Share? You are given precise metrics for: 1) unique number of Share Page visits 2) number of members who joined Locals 3) number of paid supporters from your post 4) a month’s revenue for all paid supporters attributed to that Share Page post. By linking to the exact internal post you shared and providing the date the post was shared, there is no confusion analyzing your data. This individualized data allows you to do your own A&B testing to optimize your social media approach and track your progress daily.

Share Stats give powerful insight into revenue and community growth

The Locals Approach: Building the Tools to Independently Thrive

Locals is not simply a subscription platform, but a total solution for creator content management, distribution and marketing. Locals Share moves away from legacy social media models of merely housing and monetizing content, and is one of our many features that form an integrated set of tools and data-driven analytics to help creators independently thrive and grow.

For more information on Share Stats and how Locals Share works, click here.