How to Use LiveStream Connect to Grow and Engage With Your Audience

How to Use LiveStream Connect to Grow and Engage With Your Audience

Live streaming on Locals has recently been made available to all communities. Locals is always working to improve the experience for creators and their audience by adding new features and functionalities. Here we’ll be sharing some tips on how to best utilize what Locals currently has to offer and how to make the most out of LiveStream Connect. 


1. Consistency is key

Make a plan to live stream on a regular basis (i.e. every Monday at 8:00 pm). This will help build up anticipation and excitement for your members. Not only does it give them something to look forward to, but also gives them a chance to make time in their schedules to attend (and in turn, increases your chances of high attendance). 

Did you know you can also schedule your live stream on Locals? Make sure to advertise your Live stream ahead of time by sharing on your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


2. Plan an After-Party

After streaming your regular show on YouTube or another platform, move over to Locals and offer a live 15 min “after the show” meet-up just for your Locals community. It’s a great way to drive more traffic to your Locals community from other platforms and get people to subscribe.


3. Use Livestreams to convert members into supporters

While everyone can join your free live stream, only your paying supporters can join the live chat to leave comments or ask questions. Take advantage of this by centering the content around the engagement of the community, such as hosting a live Q&A session. 

Better Bachelor Live stream Q&A


4. Use Livestreams to give extra value to supporters

After hosting a free live stream, end the stream and start a new one for supporters only, giving them access to exclusive live content from you. This accomplishes two tasks at once: It’s a way to thank your supporters, by giving them extra value and it creates another opportunity to convert free members into supporters! Nothing like a little FOMO to tip a member into becoming a supporter.

Free and supporter-only Locals live stream

5. Be Creative!

Don’t hesitate to use LiveStream Connect as an opportunity to show off your more creative side or other interests and hobbies, outside of what you normally show your audience. 

For example, ZDoggMD, whose content is usually centered around health advice and the medical industry, sometimes uses his live stream to do impromptu karaoke sessions for his members. He even starts taking song requests! It’s very entertaining and his audience loves the interaction and express in the live chat that they are singing along with him. 

Other possible ideas:

  • Host a movie night, and have your audience watch along and comment
  • Stream workout sessions and show your audience your workout routine, or have them join along with you
  • LiveStream while going on a nature walk, to the park or while going to a live event/festival
  • Stream while doing arts and crafts (or show them off) and/or other types of hobbies
  • Host/perform contests or challenges

Karaoke Locals live stream ZDoggMD

If you need ideas or feel unsure about what you should do, you can always ask your audience what they would like to see or to give feedback about what you’ve done already. Get creative, let your hair down, but most importantly, stay authentic. Your audience will appreciate it.