Hello, Live Tipping!

Hello, Live Tipping!

Live streaming on Locals is the easiest way to create content and engage with your supporters. Responding to live chat messages makes your viewers feel special since one of the best gifts you can give a fan is your attention. Introducing Live Tipping, the newest way to strengthen the connection you have with your audience.

Live Tipping gives supporters the ability to boost their message in the live chat with the use of Locals Coins. When a viewer submits a Live Tip, their message will be highlighted and their username will appear in a tray at the top of the chat box.

“We are excited to open up Live Tipping to all our communities. Locals is constantly working on adding new ways for creators to generate more revenue while enriching the connections with their supporters. ”   -Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals


Giving your supporters recognition is a surefire way to keep them engaged in your community and eager for your next stream.  Read your live tips on stream and give your tipper a shout out to encourage future engagement and strengthen their connection with you and the community. You can use live tipping to host an AMA, pose a question to your audience, or even to figure out what video game to stream next. 

Once you’ve got some coins in your wallet, you can easily transfer them to get redeemed.  Coins from tipping will get paid out each month along with any coins you get from support through the app.  See how to redeem your coins here

Live Tipping is available now for all communities, so set up a stream and elevate your live chat today!