Livestream Connect: Tips and Tricks

Livestream Connect: Tips and Tricks

Now that Livestream Connect has become such a popular feature on Locals, we would like to share some more tips that will further enhance the live stream experience for both you and your audience. There is a great 3rd party tool called OBS that enables you to screenshare and host guests through Locals LivestreamConnect. Many creators have already started using this software to enhance their live streams.


How can you use OBS to improve your live stream experience?

  • Screensharing:

Make your live stream more interesting and fun by using visuals to help illustrate whatever topics you are discussing. You can read and browse internet articles, show and discuss other videos or podcasts, or show gameplay footage. Whatever you can do on your computer, you can share on your screen — there are numerous possibilities!


  • Invite guests to your livestream:

Enliven and engage your audience by inviting people to join your live stream. This can be done using several different formats, including:

  • Inviting special guests
  • Conducting interviews
  • Having a supporter join your stream

Also, if you happen to share a community with other creators, you can use this feature to co-host live streams. Even if you’re a solitary creator, you can always invite other creators as guest co-hosts and use it as an opportunity to expose your content to a larger audience!


How to get started with OBS:

This knowledge base article helps explain how OBS can be used in conjunction with Locals: How can I share my screen or host someone else on live stream?

If you are not familiar with OBS or other tools like it, you can learn more about OBS by reading about it online, where there are many FAQs and help articles. OBS has a great quickstart guide here

You can download OBS for free here.