Locals and Rumble Partner for the Creator Economy

Locals and Rumble Partner for the Creator Economy

Florida, August 11, 2021 – Locals Technology, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Rumble. Locals’ revolutionary platform has quickly made it the premier subscription-based service for multimedia content and community. Partnering with Rumble continues Locals’  promise to support the independence of their platform, giving creators unprecedented autonomy over their work.

The first phase of the partnership will be live this summer: creator integration between Locals and Rumble. To activate this integration, a creator simply needs to link their Locals profile to their Rumble account. This linkage provides an easy way for Locals creators to direct their users to Rumble, aiding creators in showcasing their Rumble posted videos while utilizing Rumble’s vast public distribution channels. Additionally, the Locals-Rumble handshake places a red Locals button on Rumble, clearly indicating that a creator is a Locals creator. When clicked, this button brings a Rumble user to a pop-up subscription page. This feature allows creators to grow their subscription and support base on Locals with minimal effort.

Locals will also be one of the first companies to adopt Rumble’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. This technology will improve Locals’ ability to deliver video and ensure that its collaboration with Rumble is seamless.

“Built from the ground up, Locals champions the needs of creators. We see Rumble’s strong distribution network and integrated infrastructure as key to helping our creators expand their communities with confidence. Our partnership with Rumble gives our creators more choices and another way to share their work with the people who want to support it,” says Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski agrees, “Our partnership with Locals aligns with our belief that creators should have equal opportunity to express themselves, reach their followers, and feel safe and secure with their technology providers. We are thrilled to help with Locals’ mission of empowering creators to make money from their subscription service. Together we are building the rails for a new economy that is desperately needed.”

Content creators rely on Locals and Rumble because both platforms encourage important public conversations and debates. Locals and Rumble believe that the integrity of the creator economy demands that mission-aligned media-based companies further strengthen their ties to ensure the independence of creators in a time fraught with cancellations, arbitrary terms of service and a withering marketplace for distribution choice.

“Locals helps creators interact with their core supporters, build a community, and monetize their content via subscription. The Locals-Rumble handshake offers creators the ability to grow their core audience and monetize via ads on the Rumble platform. Exploiting the benefits of each platform is part of our long-term strategy to ensure that the creator economy puts the needs of creators first. We look forward to more integration with Rumble in the future,” concludes Assaf Lev.

About Locals

Founded in 2019 and based in Florida, Locals is a platform that empowers independent content creators to publish their content, engage with their supporters, and make money from subscriptions. Creators include: Scott Adams, Tulsi Gabbard, ZDoggMD, Max Lugavere, Robert Barnes, Bridget Phetasy, Dr. Drew, Karlyn Borysenko, Greg Gutfeld, and Michael Malice. To learn more, please visit Locals.com or follow us on Twitter @OnLocals.