Members Only: What is Locals?

Members Only: What is Locals?

Members Only is a series of informative blogs answering our most asked questions by Locals members directly from our Support Team. 

What is Locals?

Locals is Subscription-Based Authentic Communities

Locals is a subscription-based community platform that empowers content creators, giving them full control over their content. 

Think of Locals as a new and improved kind of social media. You can support creators, share and access content in newsfeeds, access or upload videos/podcasts and create a community of your own, all on the same platform. These combined elements make Locals truly unique, awesome and like no other.

As a Locals member, you can join as many communities as you want for free! As a free member, you can view free posts and like posts within a community that you’ve joined. If you want full access to content and the ability to interact, you’ll need to become a supporter. 

Connect with Creators You Care about Uncensored

When you become a supporter, you’re not only gaining access to the community creator’s content. Your posts get published directly to their newsfeed, for the creator and other members to see. So you’re not just joining the community, you are part of the community! You can upload videos or share links, upload pictures and – you can even conduct community polls. Unlike other platforms, your direct participation really matters and helps the community grow!

As platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even Patreon have begun censoring content, Locals has stepped up as the champion of free speech, for both members and content creators alike. Locals is now filling the role of what Social Media should be – a place to freely exchange ideas (with some, but very few limitations).

As a platform, Locals doesn’t care what you post – as long as it isn’t NSFW and doesn’t violate U.S. law (pornography, inciting violence, etc.). Otherwise, we leave it to community creators to moderate their communities and allow them to decide what type of community they want to maintain and grow.

Locals is a place where you can join communities and engage directly with community creators and other members.

See What Makes Locals Different to learn more about what sets Locals apart from other platforms.

Sarah – Locals Support Team