Members Only: Why Should I Subscribe?

Members Only: Why Should I Subscribe?

Members Only is a series of informative blogs answering our most asked questions by Locals members directly from our Support Team. 

Why Should I Subscribe?

You are not a Product

Having a subscription model takes the power away from the ad companies and puts it into your hands.

On big tech platforms that are free to use, you are still paying a price. Your information is being sold to advertisers. When your product is free, as the saying goes, you are the product.

Real Creator Independence

When you subscribe, your money goes directly to supporting the creator. You are the reason the creator doesn’t have to worry about getting demonetized, and frees them up to spend more time creating content. That is supporting true independence for the creators you love. 

Power to the People – Not the Platform

When you join and support content on Locals, you are part of a movement empowering content creators. In this new age of unbridled censorship, Locals is creating a new digital home for the disenfranchised. We are a line of defense for creators against the ” all-powerful.” Support real creators, not suits in some corporate office somewhere.       

On Locals, we don’t use ads and you aren’t treated like a product. Your contributions go directly to supporting the content creators, and set them free from the stranglehold of other platforms.

Sarah – Locals Support Team