Creator Hangouts: Real Interviews. Real Talk.

Creator Hangouts: Real Interviews. Real Talk.

At Locals, our multi-media platform encourages unfettered communication within value-driven communities. We *love* building the tools that support that vision and, not surprisingly, are showcasing that capability with our very own content. Introducing Creator Hangouts: Locals-sponsored content featuring Locals creators interviewed by Locals creators. The first episodes in this series are hosted by our very own hilarious and brilliant creator, Bridget Phetasy.

Me Centric vs. We Centric

We have heard time and time again that the Locals platform encourages real interaction due to our community platform’s focus on authenticity. Our platform encourages we-centric content, giving a sanctuary for supporters to engage and create with each other and the creator.

“That’s like our birthright as humans, is to be creative. I want encourage and foster a community that is creating.” – Bridget Phetasy.

Check out this clip from the first interview of this series featuring ZdoggMD. It’s all about the We Economy vs. the Me Economy:

Being Authentic in the Present Moment

We want you to get to know us. What makes us different. The lives and interests of our creators. And to experience firsthand how Locals encourages the path of being authentic in the present moment for members and creators alike. Surprisingly, we have found that the content supporters love to be shown are always the unscripted and sometimes seemingly mundane life, opinions and struggles of our creators.

“On a live stream I’ll do some crazy stuff…whether it’s dumb karaoke…and someone will chime in and say this is what I pay the monthly fee for…You’re being you in the present moment. And that’s the magic…Sometimes it’s nice to just go live.” – ZDoggMD

Every Community Is Different

Locals is designed to allow creators to cultivate the environment and community that is best for their vision. We have a large breadth of tribes and vibes that appeal to anyone and everyone. Creator Hangouts allows newbies and members alike to get to know the diversity and power of the Locals platform.

“I’m so comfortable just being me…And that’s the thing I love about Locals too. I’m constantly like, I’m just one of you guys…[Others] foster a different vibe, so you can really create the world you want to inhabit your space” – Bridget Phetasy

Discover Your Tribes

Creator Hangouts is a series of interviews featuring the remarkable diversity of our creators. You can view the first interview of this series on Locals here. Next up? Phetasy interviews the infinitely interesting Scott Adams. Stay turned for more real talk with the creators you love on Locals.