Rumble acquires Locals to help build a bigger creator economy

Rumble acquires Locals to help build a bigger creator economy

Combining the forces of Locals & Rumble will help boost and bring more value to the creator economy

Today, the video platform Rumble announced that it has acquired Locals Technology, Inc. Locals’ revolutionary platform has quickly made it the premier subscription-based service for multimedia content and community. Buying Locals furthers Rumble’s mission of giving creators unprecedented autonomy over their work while providing audiences with quality content. Rumble is already one of the most respected independent and privately-owned companies in the online video-sharing platform industry. Acquiring Locals is part of Rumble’s broader effort to build a creator economy that fosters creative independence.

“We are building the rails to a new tech ecosystem that will responsibly free everyone from the restraints of editorial control,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski. “Locals will provide our Rumble users a new way to generate revenue, one that is not influenced by corporate advertisers and special interests. All our creators can now build a direct stream of revenue with their audience through subscriptions, allowing creators to take control of their valuable content.”

Creators who use Locals own their community data and content. Locals provides industry-leading audience data that allows creators to understand the behavior of their audience better. Creators are quickly able to see what content is effective at driving engagement.

Locals’ subscription business model is dependent on providing creators with high-quality information about their audience. When a creator does well, the platform does well. This model enables Locals’ creators and audience to interact, share and comment to drive growth.

Rumble is integrating Locals with its existing platform using Rumble’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. Once active, a creator will simply need to link their Locals profile to their Rumble account. Additionally, the Locals-Rumble handshake places a red Locals button on every Rumble video, indicating that a creator is a Locals creator.

“We are excited to see Locals continue our growth and vision as part of Rumble. Together we are building a new ecosystem for creators,” said Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals. “Becoming part of Rumble will give Locals’ creators new opportunities to expand their audiences while retaining control of their data. Both Rumble and Locals believe in the importance of allowing creators to express their opinions, interact with their supporters and make money from subscription.”


Founded in 2019, Florida-based Locals is a platform that empowers independent content creators to publish their content, engage with their supporters and make money from subscriptions. Creators include: Scott AdamsTulsi GabbardZDoggMDMax LugavereRobert Barnes, Bridget PhetasyDr. DrewKarlyn BorysenkoGreg Gutfeld, and Michael Malice