Take Control, Be Independent

Take Control, Be Independent

Our mission is to empower creators to be independent. What does that mean?

The Locals platform is set up in such a way that you have full control and ownership over your community. We provide you with the tools and technology to publish content, make money from subscriptions and create a community for your fans.

“In these times there are gatekeepers everywhere. This is truly giving the tools to their audience and not being a gatekeeper.” Bridget Phetasy

Content Hosting: Freedom from arbitrary community guidelines

We host your content, you own it. You are the creator of your content so we believe that your content should always stay in your hands. You can download your video and audio files at any time on your admin panel. If you ever decide to leave Locals (which we hope you won’t!), you take your content with you. 

We also don’t use algorithms to downgrade any content and we don’t manipulate your newsfeed. Your supporters will always get push notifications on the app and email notifications when you upload videos or podcasts. We will never mess with what your supporters get to see.  


Moderation: Your community, your rules

You set the tone for what goes on in your community. The Locals guidelines are pretty simple: nothing illegal, no threats of violence and no porn; beyond those, it’s up to the creator to set the community rules. Do you want to moderate all content before going live or choose a basic moderation to keep out the oddballs? Having your content behind a paywall keeps the trolls out, but if you see something you don’t like, you can delete it or block the member.


Moderation Locals community

Member Data: Always a click away

Your members and supporters use their email addresses to create an account and join your community. As a creator, you have access to all the email addresses of your members and paying supporters. This allows you to build a mailing list of your most loyal and engaged fans.  You can also filter and sort this data to see various stats on revenue and engagement. You can easily export all this data on your admin panel at any time so no fear of losing this valuable information. 



You set the price. You decide how much you want to charge your paying supporters to have access to your exclusive content and to engage and interact with your community. (Only supporters can post and comment. Bye-bye trolls.) It’s also up to you to decide if you want your supporters to have the ability to send you direct messages. You can keep the DM feature turned off, allow it to be free for all your standard supports, or charge a premium amount such as $20 per month. 


Set your support amount

Direct Payment: No gatekeepers

We don’t collect and pay out your earnings, they go directly to you. Setting up your Stripe account allows you to get paid in real-time. The credit cards of your supporters are tied to your Stripe account. In other words, you are in control of your earnings.

Locals Stripe Setup


Think of your community as your own corner of the internet. On other platforms you rent the space. Here you own it.