Three Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Three Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

The success and growth of your community depend on several factors: the ability to bring in new members, to turn those members into paying supporters, and to build engagement. 

A high conversion rate means that you are able to turn a lot of members into paying supporters of your community. For Locals communities, a good conversion rate is 10%. Are you seeing a much lower conversion in your community? Don’t worry! We have put together three tips to help you boost your conversion rate.


Supporter-only posts

Supporter-only, or locked, posts are those posts that are exclusive to the paying members of your community. 

Regularly uploading locked posts is not only important to give value to your supporters, it is also a great way to entice your members to support you to get access to more content. Give early access to your Locals supporters, post a fun, personal picture, or upload an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Add a catchy title to give your members a sneak peek of the content they are missing out on! Whatever sort of exclusive content you provide, make sure to tell your members the perks of being a supporter. 

While there is no strict rule on how many supporter-only posts to upload, we recommend uploading a locked post a couple of times a week. 

Need inspiration? Check out our blog What Makes for a Good Supporter-Only Post?


Post, like, comment!

When your members see an engaged community, they will be more likely to also want to interact and engage with you and your supporters. Members can see the number of likes and comments, but are not able to view comments or participate (bye, bye trolls!). Liking and replying to posts and comments, will not only be appreciated by your supporters, but it will also help spark interesting discussions which your members will definitely not want to miss!


Crowdsource from your community

Your community loves when they not only hear from you but also share things with you. Posts that encourage your supporters to chime in with their thoughts are great free posts. “What is everyone up to this weekend?” and “What questions should I ask in my interview”, are good questions to ask in a free post. Members can see it, but only supporters can reply – a perfect reason for your members to start supporting you!

The most important thing is to be authentic and have a lot of fun. At the end of the day, your supporters want to see more of you, give it to them!