What Makes For a Good Supporter-Only Post?

What Makes For a Good Supporter-Only Post?

Your community on Locals is where all of your content comes together: your videos, podcasts, written messages, and pictures. Your posts can either be free or locked. Free content can be seen by everyone within your community, locked, or supporter-only content can only be viewed by your paying supporters.

It’s up to you to decide what content will be free and what will be exclusive. Having a mix of both free and locked content is important to give value to those who are supporting you as well as to help you convert members into supporters.

Even if you already have regularly produced content, you may wonder what additional content you can provide your supporters. We have put together some tips to help you get started and make it easy!


Locals.com supporter-only or locked post


Short and Simple

Creating content can be time-consuming. It is a misconception that your exclusive content needs to be long-form or highly produced. Short, unedited material tends to work just as well on Locals, if not better than professionally edited content. It only takes a few minutes to record and upload, but your supporters will be happy to watch a video that was created exclusively for them.



In a world where people crave connections, authenticity is more important than ever. Be yourself. Who are you outside of your professional brand? Share personal stories that you normally wouldn’t upload to other platforms where trolls are lurking. It doesn’t have to be in video format, a written post (with a picture) may take less time to create, but be just as interesting.


Preview and Early Access

Giving early access to your videos or podcasts is a great way to thank those who are supporting you. You can also decide to release shorter versions of your videos on other social platforms and give your Locals community access to the full version.

Creating exclusive content doesn’t need to be complicated. Be authentic and have fun! Share the little moments and look for new ways to share the content you already have.


Need inspiration? Here are some ideas

  • Grab your phone before going on an interview to give a taste of what will be coming
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Pet and family pictures are always a good idea
  • Q&As to connect with your audience
  • “What I had for lunch/dinner”
  • Discount codes
  • How about sharing your workout regime?