Learn Your Data, Grow Your Business

Learn Your Data, Grow Your Business

Locals gives you all your data, and we keep it easy by delivering weekly insights straight to your inbox. You’ll get the lowdown every week on new supporters, members, GMV, and more. Just make sure you’re set up for these updates in your admin settings under ‘Activity Summary Emails.’ 

Understanding how folks interact with your content is key. Your Content Library is your one-stop hub for managing all your videos, podcasts, live streams, and PDFs. Create and manage playlists, edit thumbnails, and find out which of your content is really hitting the mark.

Now, here’s the real kicker: the Live Stream section! Not only can you download your previous live streams, but you also get to see some pretty neat stats! You’ll find lots of data and can distinguish the views you get on the on-demand video versus live. 

Want more eyes on your live streams? Share a direct link to your live streams on your other social media platforms! It’s an excellent way to show off your Locals content and get more supporters on board!

Utilize your Content Library and learn from your live stream stats.  You can even see the breakdown of how many viewers were supporters vs. members. 

P.S. Have a lot of members in your stream? Have you tried the supporter-only toggle?

Let your creativity flow, dive into your insights, and let the magic happen in your community!

Ready to unleash the power of your Content Library? Dive in now!