New on Locals: Exciting Updates to Elevate Your Community

New on Locals: Exciting Updates to Elevate Your Community

We’re thrilled to announce a series of exciting updates and features that are sure to enhance your time on the platform. From Improved streaming capabilities to convenient payment options, let’s dive into what’s new on Locals!

Enjoy Immediate Post-stream Playback

Now, users can access the post-stream playback immediately after a live stream ends. Whether they miss a live session or want to revisit their favorite content, VOD ensures users never miss out. So why wait? Start streaming now and let your audience enjoy the convenience of instant playback. 

RTMP Public for All

RTMP is now accessible to all communities. With RTMP,  you can expand your existing streaming catalog to include Locals and experience the difference it can make. Check out our recommended settings here.

P.s. Looking to stream to multiple destinations simultaneously? Check out Rumble Studio for the easiest solution. Did we mention it’s free?

Google and Apple Pay Integration

Introducing the convenience of Google and Apple Pay. We’ve made it easier for you and your supporters. Now, supporters can choose between Google Pay or Apple Pay, making it even easier to support your independence. No need to find that credit card! As long as a payment method is added to their digital wallet, they can show their support in just a few clicks.

Live Chat Moderation

We’re about creating tools for the creator to have control, so we’ve introduced live chat moderation tools. Now, creators, admins, and team members have the ability to maintain a positive environment during live streams, ensuring that conversations remain respectful and engaging for all participants. Learn how to moderate live chat here. 

Diamond Badge Benefits

The diamond badge is an exclusive honor supporters can earn in each community by consistently supporting for 365+ unique days. It’s a symbol of their dedication! As a diamond badge holder, your supporters can now purchase 5,000 coins, providing you with greater revenue flexibility on Locals. Learn more about the diamond badge.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and thank you for being a part of Locals!