Elevate Your Video Experience: Introducing the Watch Page

Elevate Your Video Experience: Introducing the Watch Page

The Watch Page is ready to revolutionize how your community enjoys videos. It’s like having your own personalized video hub right on your community site. Get ready for a visually curated space where your members can dive into an immersive video experience. 

Setting up the Watch Page is a breeze. To enable this feature, make sure you have at least six different types of videos in your community, like video uploads, live streams, or content +.  Once the Watch Page is enabled, you can fine-tune the experience to match your vision, so when users log in, they’re greeted with the Watch Page as the default landing spot. Don’t worry; they can still access the Newsfeed page from the left-side menu. 

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the Feature Video! You can choose a specific video post to showcase or let the system do the work for you. It can automatically update the featured video to display recent watchable content, the most recent live stream, uploaded video, or the newest Content+ upload. Let’s not forget about playlists; you can feature them too! If playlists aren’t your thing, no problem! We’ll fill in that space with “Popular Videos,” which are the most viewed in your community. 

We’re excited to see you create an incredible video experience with the Watch Page. 

To learn more about the Watch Page, click here.

Please note that the Watch Page is currently in beta testing and may not be available for all communities just yet.