LocalsTV – Content Anywhere

LocalsTV – Content Anywhere

LocalsTV App Has Arrived!

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the Locals experience, both for content creators and supporters alike. For months, many Locals supporters have been asking for Locals to make content available to watch on TV. Well…we heard your requests, and we are excited to announce our beta version of the LocalsTV app! Not only is LocalsTV a whole new way to consume content, but it’s streamlined to make the experience simpler and faster than ever before! 

Compatible with GoogleTV and FireTV

LocalsTV is currently available live on GoogleTV and FireTV. However, those options are just the beginning. Content anywhere is not just a slogan to Locals; we will be releasing LocalsTV on other platforms in the future.

Let’s go over the features that LocalsTV has to offer, and how you’ll be able to access content.

You Can Easily Find Content

LocalsTV makes it easier than ever before to explore new content, at no additional cost. From the LocalsTV Homepage, you’ll be able to see highlights of recent and trending videos and can easily explore both free and paid content, without having to join or subscribe. This gives you a chance to see up-and-coming creators you may not be familiar with, and if any of them catch your attention, you can easily add their videos or podcasts to a list of favorites to watch or listen to later. 

Additionally, every creator on LocalsTV has their own community page that shows all the videos they have uploaded. You can also access their video playlists or search for specific videos or audio podcasts. In the Videos and Podcasts sections, you can casually browse for all videos or all podcasts by trending, recent, oldest, or favorites.

Support Directly from the App

LocalsTV also makes it easy to directly support creators. You can binge on content from creators without commitment, and easily unlock subscriber-only content by purchasing a subscription directly from the screen prompts on a locked video or podcast (once their preview is over).

Livestream Integration

Even LiveStream Connect has been incorporated into LocalsTV. Creators that livestream will immediately be visible in the featured videos feed on the homepage, and a notification button will appear when the live stream starts. The community live chat will also be displayed in real time. 

“LocalsTV is an expansion of our ability to deliver content anywhere. Distribution of Video is fundamental to our creators and we are thrilled to enhance the Locals experience for our creators and their members on this new medium” said Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals.