Members Only: What Makes Locals Different?

Members Only: What Makes Locals Different?

Members Only is a series of informative blogs answering our most asked questions by Locals members directly from our Support Team. 

What Makes Locals Different?

Meaningful Experience in Intimate Communities

Locals stands out when compared to other platforms because our communities are centered around content creators, and we give them unprecedented control over their communities. They are free to express themselves, and so are you!

On Locals, the communities are smaller because communication is exclusive. This allows for a level of intimacy that can’t be achieved on other platforms. Creators are much more likely and able to reply and like your posts or comments. You can also send them Direct Messages (if enabled) for private one-on-one communication.

No Troll Zone

Because of the exclusivity, communities on Locals are more pleasant and troll free. On other platforms, trolls and haters will often dominate threads, and ruin the experience for everyone else. The communities on Locals are full of truly dedicated fans, all of whom support the community’s creator and vision.

Free Speech + Creator Independence

Locals is a free speech platform, and will never ban people for their political stance or personal opinion. In addition, we give creators full control to moderate their own communities and enforce community guidelines and rules.

Creator Curated Content

Locals doesn’t use ambiguous algorithms to hide or suppress content. If you support a community, you have access to all of their content and Locals does not control what you see on the platform. Content is curated by the creator, not the technology.

Locals gives you an intimate, meaningful and troll free online experience. As a supporter, you have full access to all the creator’s content and never have to worry about being shadowbanned.

See Why Should I Subscribe to learn more about why subscribing is important and impactful – for supporters and content creators alike.

Sarah – Locals Support Team