The Key to a Great Intro Video

The Key to a Great Intro Video

An intro video is a great way to launch your community. Sharing it will excite your audience to join you on Locals and it’s the first thing new members will see when they find your community.

Creating your intro video doesn’t need to take a lot of time or be highly produced. Something casual works great, as long as you hit some key points.

What makes for a good intro video?

Keep it short
Short and sweet is best! One to two minutes is short enough to keep the viewer’s attention, and long enough to cover the points you want to talk about.

Talk about why
You may be present on different social media platforms already, so you want to communicate clearly what your community is all about and why you joined Locals. Did you get tired of Big Tech? Are you excited about creating a community free from trolls? Are you looking for more engagement with your followers? Share your story and excite people that Locals is the right place for both you as well as your followers.

Your intro video is the perfect opportunity to attract people to your community and entice them to become a supporter. What’s in it for them? What is the value of becoming a supporter? Locals may be where supporters get early access to your video content or audio podcasts. Or where you will be hosting Q&A’s or zoom calls and uploading more personal content than you would normally post on other channels. Share your vision!

What’s next?
Upload your video as a free post to ensure that not only people within your community, but also outside of it will see it. Once uploaded, set it as your welcome post under the settings in the admin panel. Share the link with your audience, talk about your community in your content and hit up your mailing list. Check our launch blog for more tips.

A good intro video is short and inspires your followers to join and support you. The more enthusiastic you are about your community, the more excited others will be to become part of it.


Almost ready to create your intro video, but need more inspiration? Check out these intro videos by some of our top creators.