5 Steps To a Successful Community Launch

5 Steps To a Successful Community Launch

The key to launching your community is all about driving traffic. A successful launch means that you are able to attract your audience to become a member of your community.

Before you launch, make sure you have completed the setup process. Set your price, enter keywords and categories and have a nice intro video. Now it’s time to get the word out!


Here are five steps to help you launch


Share it

Your intro video is the announcement of your community. Sharing your video on social media channels where you already have a following is one of the most effective ways to attract new people to your community.


Talk about it

Mention your community at the beginning and end of your show, podcast or video. If you go on an interview, tell people that Locals is the place where they can find you and get your exclusive content.


Send a newsletter

Do you have a mailing list? Are there friends, clients or other fans who you believe would be interested in joining your community? Send them an email! Add a short description and insert your intro video to direct them to your community.


Add it to your descriptions

Most social media platforms allow you to add descriptions or create bios. Adding your community URL to your bios and description helps remind both old and new followers that they can find you on Locals. If you have a YouTube channel, make sure to also add it to video descriptions. “Join my exclusive community. <community url>” works great as a pinned comment for your videos.


Sharing is caring

Frequently sharing links to your Locals posts on platforms will help you to keep drawing in new members and supporters. Did you know that there is an easy way to share links from within your Locals community?

Once you have launched your community, keep posting a mix of free and locked content. Encourage your supporters to post and engage with their content and comments.

Check out our blog to see what makes for a good locked post.